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  1. RT @NXNero: Byleth has:

    - tig biddies
    - dem thighs
    - dat tummy
    - those eyes
    - multiple weapons

    And ya still complaining?…

  2. RT @lel_loot: 師ー!!!!参戦おめでとおおおおお🥳

  3. RT @tohru_m: 俺が求めてるスマブラ

  4. RT @BrBriverac: Sencuran a #SinCensura con @_VicenteSerrano @Rafaherrera1983 😒😒

    #TodosSomosSinCensura 😉✌️
    #Animo 😊🤗🤗

  5. RT @ya_tudoki15: 先生足した。

  6. RT @Yen_Cat: same energy #fe3h #edeleth

  7. RT @atomix: Adiós Fox; Disney se deshace oficialmente del nombre del estudio

  8. RT @Banzaimeow: I'm just going to leave this here. It's not me, and I don't know who made it, but this NEEDS to be said.…

  9. RT @OrmilleF: my favorite thing about the announcement is still the byleth smile thank you for making byleth happy

  10. RT @s4liller: Congrats Byleth (and Sothis......?) for being in Smash Ultimate!
    #SmashBrosUltimate #FireEmblemThreeHouses…

  11. RT @OrmilleF: SHE'S SMILING

  12. RT @Rarudo7: おはようございます。昨晩はお楽しみでしたね。
    #スマブラSP #べレス参戦

  13. RT @eggplantbear: its so funny that they were like “oh my god we cant let them see hubert. we cant fucking put that freak in this stage oh…

  14. RT @PhantomArtifice: now that we’ve had some time to settle down, what are your thoughts on challenger pack 5?

  15. @MickeytheKid92 Ya veo... Conque una sociedad secreta, u oculta talv vez.

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